About Goodwell Electric

The World is totally different from its before! It changes itself by multiple factors at unexpected speed and frequency. A fact already happened and run over and over is that the World Economic Vision turns up and down in between Developed Countries and Developing Countries within a very short period.

Another truth is the Extreme Weathering. People around the world, starting from now, are suffering extreme frozen, extreme hot, serious flooding or storms that they had never faced before, and these disaster are just happened in their home land, no where to run away. Leave not much choice to the Ruling Party of each Country, they must pull up their popular-rate immediately, the preferable quick solution that each country taken is to print uncountable amounts of their currency notes. So yet economic index rising up, rich/poor incomes rate is getting higher and higher, most people in most countries feel hopeless, resulting unstable ruling of the Governments, unstable society of each country. Are these all because of uncontrollable Free Trade Policy, maybe.

Goodwell Electric Corporation, just reaching 21st anniversary cannot do much but doing every effort to keep our own liability in such a global tough situation. We will protect every job opportunity and try every effort to increase basic salary and bonus to employees.

We require every person to work hard for the future of this company, but never ever violate Environmental Protection rules, nor hurting the earth our planet a little bit just for profit.

Our core value - HEHE

  • Human Being
  • Environments Protect
  • Hard Working
  • Endless Innovation

With 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing electrical switches and apparatus bushings, plus several times survived from cliff-end crisis during world business fluctuations. We have learned the most valuable core technology.

Valuable core technology

  • No-Compromised in Quality
  • Customer Demands First
  • Absolutely Innovative R&D

In reality of product development, we insist three principal as a simple saying to describe our R&D and QA policy PDH policy :

We will put Customer Interest and Demand at our first priority to be fulfilled. We look at ourselves in the very conservative Medium Voltage electrical industry, Goodwell Electric is more than traditional, and we are not conservative at all.

PDH policy

  • Durable
  • Practical
  • High CP

With our HEHE core value and PDH policy, we have developed and regularly improved our products performance, some of them are:

  • Distribution Automation Switchgear (DAS) : CB & LBS
  • Controller (Protecting Relay) for DAS
  • Power Modules specific (PMS) for DAS
  • Electrical Motor & Control System (EMC) for DAS
  • Solid Insulation Switch Module (SISM) : CB & LBS module
  • Epoxy Bushing/Bushing Well for DAS/Transformer
  • EPDM Rubber IEEE or IEC Cable Accessories
  • Special and Custom Made Apparatus Bushing for transformers or
    Switches, MV and LV
  • Fault Circuit Indicator for DAS
  • Combination of Epoxy/Rubber molding technology and capacity at Original Design Manufacturing service basis.

In order to share our design and manufacturing technologies, we are taking a new service (also listed above item 10), we are now providing our ODM basis service to worldwide potential partners.

This service range includes EPDM rubber material+molding, Silicone molding and Epoxy material +molding, individually or combines any two of them molding together. We can help at product design and tooling design, plus material selection as well. We are more than interesting to assist innovative product design and manufacture so to make you idea become a real product, a treasure.

This complete new service shall lead Goodwell Electric and the respective partner to a dramatic success, we will work together sharing the cost, sharing the technology, sharing our manufacturing capacity and to the end.

We share the sweet harvest together, to longer and longer.