35kV 600A Transformer Bushing

35kV 600A Transformer Bushing

  • Standard:ANSI / IEEE Std. 386
  • Features:200kV BIL / Internal Grounding Shield

The EOB360 35KV class 600A deadbreak bushing meets the requirements of ANSI/IEEE 386 standards for separable insulated connector systems, and will operate with deadbreak elbows meeting the same standard.

The EOB360 oil bushing is designed for sidewall mounting onto transformers, switches and other apparatus filled with transformer oil or equivalent.

Technical Data

Voltage and Current Ratings 35kV Class
Operating Voltage Maximum Phase-to-Phase 36.6kV
Maximum Phase-to-Ground 21.1kV
Withstand Voltage AC: 60Hz, 60 sec. 70kV
DC: 15 minutes 103kV
Impulse Voltage Withstand 1 × 50μs 200kV
Corona Extinction Level < 3pc 26kV
Continuous Current 600Amp
Symmetrical Momentary Current 25kA sym. for 10 cycles (0.17s)
Type Number EOB360